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Here are a few photos from Lottii Rose’s photo gallery ‘Nurse Fantasy’ on Wank It Now. For those of you who have not heard of Lottii Rose, she is a stunning brunette with a lot to show. She has large busty tits with a huge perky arse and not only that but she has curves in all the right places. Her body is perfect and she is so flawless that she is every man and woman’s wet dream. She is a horny devil which loves it when she gets action and her kinky side is what makes it so hot. She can pull off every type of porn from soft core to hardcore as she has multiple sides to her personality.

The video below is from Wank It Now and it is a nurse fantasy video in POV. For those of you who are new to the term POV; It stands for ‘Point Of View’ and it is to make it feel more personal for the viewer so instead of the sexy slut talking to someone else and showing you the full view of both the model and the stud, she addresses them by ‘you’ and the camera angle is from the guys perspective and it looks like you are looking at the model.

Lottii Rose’s video below is based on you going to the doctors and having numerous check ups but the nurses never seem to find anything wrong so they ask the doctors and they come to the conclusion that your health is perfectly fine but Lottie on the other hand has noticed that your shaft gets hard around nurses and figures out what is wrong. She comes to the conclusion that you have a nurse fantasy so she confronts you about the dirty fetish and allows you to fulfil your desires by taking you into the back and letting you jerk off over her naturally huge tits. Lottie even dirty talks and tries to make your dick explode like a volcano of jizz.

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